The Fellowship Of His Person

The greatest possible joy in a person's life is found in the communion and fellowship with the Person of the Living God. The Life promised at the very beginning, given by Christ Jesus, and testified to by many who have gone before has been most gloriously offered to human kind. This Church and we believers are committed to the witness and testimony of this "So Great Salvation".

The pursuit of Him, the personal knowledge of Him, and Life forever in union with Him is the sole aim and purpose of our Fellowship. Happiness on earth is found in the mutual sharing of His person with those other human beings that are found within this communion. Together with the Saints that have gone before may we meet and know each other in the fellowship of His person and the Divine power of His Life as He so desires to share it with each one of us.


Weekly Bible Studies
The Holiest Of All/Hebrews
Thurs 7:00 PM
Sandstone, MN
1 John
Saturday 5:30 PM
Mpls, MN
Christology- Early Church History
Sun 5:00 PM
Coon Rapids, MN


Seminars & Workshops

Current Online Listing of our Seminars & Workshops.

Please take note that we are very happy to present any of these as well as others at your own hosting event.

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Online Studies
In-depth Bible Book Studies
Hebrews/Ephesians/First John
Andrew Murray's 'The Holiest of All'
Weekly Class Sessions On-line
Weekly Class Sessions On-line