Daily Personal Devotions

A must for each one of us! Separate from our group, couple or corporate times. Making a personal one on one time alone with our God and Savior is where we develop and maintain our strong spiritual foundation. Two aspects are essential: Personal prayer time and personal devotional reading (separate from Bible Study). If you need some help we offer a time tested and spiritually life proved approach.


For your devotional daily reading of the scriptures we suggest the chart on the right. One Proverb and five Psalms each day will bring you into a deep interactive understanding of an active prayer life. The rich wisdom and the honest praise and approach to God will not only teach about a relationship to our Heavenly Father but also introduce you to real honest expression about your life with Him.

For personal prayer each day we recommend a little prayer booklet structured after the Lord's Prayer. Click here for a pdf of the booklet.